Monday, 22 April 2013

What's happened to football?!

I was sat watching the News last night to be shocked when they showed a clip of a grown man biting, yes biting, another grown man.  For a split second I thought I was watching some prank videos but apparently not.  It was a footballer.  What is wrong with people?
Football is not high on my attention list as it is but when you see highly paid players, who act as role  models to young children, act in such a childlike way and bite another person then you have to stop and ask yourself, 'What has happened to football?'
These men are paid to play a game that seems to breed violence and a lot of the time it is off the pitch but for it now to reach the pitch, this is a worry.  
The terraces have always been a dubious place.  Don't get me wrong, some supporters are fine.  They go along, support their club and go home.  It doesn't take over their life and they don't take their annoyance at loosing, home with them.  There are a few fans who can't seem to do this.  The take aggression from the terraces and we see it on the news when fights have broken out in pubs between rival teams.  This is the sad part of football.  What happened to the days when families could go to watch a match together and not worry about what their children would witness?

The industry has to take some responsibility and tighten the reign on 'super' clubs that seem to have more money than sense.  They also need to cap the money they pay a player.  As in most industries, there is a pay ceiling for a position, so why is football any different?  Fans should not have to pay more for their tickets because some jumped up 'man' has decided he is worth millions of pounds to play for a team!