Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Car crash!!

Just before Christmas, I was unfortunate enough to skid on some ice while driving in my Ford Focus.  I tried to veer away from a hedge but it meant that I hit a lamp post instead!  I was going pretty slow - about 10mph - but I was shocked at the damage!

Now don't get me wrong, I hit a solid object.  Lamp posts are sturdy things.  The point is it took the head lamp out totally, crumpled the side panel, bonnet and snapped the bumper. 
Maybe I am wrong but I was shocked at the extent of the damage.

We bought the Ford Focus after being told it had been voted car of the year a few times.  We looked at a few and did in fact love the drive, so we purchased one.  We had no problems with the Focus.  The drive was lovely, the extras were great.  Bear in mind, we were coming from a VW Golf which is also a lovely car but it did drain the petrol pretty quick.

I had hoped they would fix the damage and we would get our car back.   This was not to be.  The damage was apparently over £3,300 to rectify so they wrote the car off.  I totally understand why they wrote it off but I think the quote for the work was overpriced and insurance companies should get a few quotes.  They have written off a perfectly good car that I am sure will be bought, fixed and sold as a Category D.

Where do I go from here?  Well, I have to find a new car with a budget of £4,000; which is not easy when I am now wondering if the Focus is safe enough.  I have been assured the safety cage is great and cars crumple to absorb the impact....  I have 2 children, so this is still something sticking in my mind.  Do I go back to a Golf?  Sturdier, yes but unless I get a diesel, not great on petrol plus boot space wise, not great for a family of 4.

Thoughts and opinion welcomed!!