Thursday, 24 January 2013

What takes you back??

I was sat in my front room and turned over to 4music as a distraction while I did some writing. I was totally distracted but in the wrong way, finding myself watching what they are calling 'old skool' tunes. I loved all the songs so does that mean I am now old??

Most of the tunes conjured up memories for me - good and bad. Neither memories made me regret things or wonder 'where are they now' about old friends, they just filled me with memories.

Times gone by, I would have started thinking about how to contact someone or check they are alright. Now, I think I am content in the knowledge that everyone changes. The times and experiences you have had, carve you out as the person you are today. Never regret your past. You cannot change it. If you need to make amends, do, but do not allow it to cloud who you are today.

It got me thinking. What brings back memories for you? How do they make you feel? I am happy that I can now look back and be content with the memories and not get upset or regretful. I think I have turned a corner with my mental health and this is proving it to me, myself and I.....

Monday, 14 January 2013

Serious stuff....

Every time I go to find a pen, I can't seem to locate one anywhere.  Then, while tidying, I find in excess of 15 every time.  I try to get back to work and the pens seem to disappear again.  There has to be some sort of pen monster in my house who takes enjoyment out of following me around, and moving the pens.

Currently using a pencil to edit some web content for a clients site after spending 20 minutes trying to find one of the five pens I found under the sofa yesterday.  This is not how I pictured today starting. 

Serious stuff for a Monday morning........ !!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Front door saga

I still have not found a front door! That is a stretch of a lie because I have in fact found several. My issue has been the sizes. Our door measures 34 inches wide and 82 inches high. You can tell it is a slightly larger than average door but I thought that would not be too much of an issue. Apparently it is.

I have resolved to go out this weekend and check out doors properly. Make sure we like what we see and then find the best deal.

Prices seem to vary all over for the exact same door. So here are some tips I have learnt recently:

1) always google the exact title of the door you like - numerous place may supply.

2) check delivery prices - we thought we had found one cheaper but it turned out delivery was £35! So in fact it was cheaper elsewhere.

3) always ask the company for advice and whether or not they can better the offer. If they say no, at least you tried and you can walk away safe in the knowledge you can still get said door elsewhere!

Shop smart is my motto for 2013!

Post Christmas blues

The Christmas tree came down and I looked at the space it left. I didn't think 'oh great, I have the dining room back' I actually thought 'wow, it looks so empty now'. I usually get into Christmas for my children. They enjoy it so much and I love to see their faces come Christmas morning when they open their gifts.

Normally that is it for me though, I don't get excited with the build up or anything else but this year was different. This year I was excited and looked forward to it.
There are a few reasons why, presents were bought early so the stress levels diminished. Our house is fully functional and we got carpets laid in the bedrooms. Most of all, I think it is because I in myself am more relaxed so I allowed myself to enjoy things.

Christmas was great. I wouldn't want it more than once a year though but I am looking forward to the next one.