Thursday, 9 May 2013

Problems with changes in childcare

The concept is great. The fundamentals are floored. All parents would love to think there is a cheaper but just as reliable childcare option, but I don't think this would be the case across the board. 

Private nurseries are run like a business and as such, the owners just want to make money. If they could be allowed to take in more children without needing to increase staff then they will. This would lead to children receiving worse care. Not intentionally by staff but from the pressures they would be under to care for more children. Any issues such as accidents would be the fault of the staff. It would be them that would be held accountable. The question would have to be, would the issues have arisen if there had been less children to supervise?

The idea is great but I do not think it has been thought through. Many OFSTED reports say that staff are under qualified, meaning the owners are using cheap staff. These savings are not passed onto the parents now so what makes the government think the savings would be passed on with changes in the staff to child ratio??!