Monday, 16 June 2014


Everyone is different in looks, feeling and thoughts.  We accept that to be part of everyday life now.  People argue a lot mainly about subjects where 2 sides disagree about an issue.  These arguments can escalate and turn nasty if they are not dealt with early on.  If it does get out of control, take a step back and ask yourself, 'what are you actually arguing about?'.

You will, more often than not, come up with the notion that both sides have a different take or 'perception' on said issue.  Does this mean you should argue? Does it mean one side is right and the other wrong?  I do not think so.

Everyone perceives things in a different way.  Whether it be because one side has decided they are right and actually they do not like you or whether you have decided that this person annoys you on certain issues, these are all tantermount to your perception before the conversation starts.

We all have our own thoughts.  Its what makes us unique.  To accept and move on from someone's perception, knowing it is different can and will cause issues unles you just accept them for what they are - an opinion.  How do you rectify I hear you ask! It is simple.  You have to find a middle ground.  From there you can work on the issues. 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Kids grow so fast!

My my, kiddies grow so fast! My eldest is 14 going on 21 and this brings with it an array of tantrums, stale mates and general 'growing up too fast' conversations.  She does have normal issues with her peers but luckily has an outlet which is her tennis; thank goodness.  

My youngest is 6 and a totally different character to her sister which, on the whole, is a good thing I think.  I look at them both sometimes and wonder if I am doing a good job though.   This is mainly with the eldest as she is where I think about the who's what's when's and why's.  We had her, in my opinion, at a young age, this meant we were quite immature at the time, so while we tried to educate and shape her into the gorgeous young lady she is now, we were still trying to grow ourselves.

The differences I see between the 2 of them, especially as there is a an 8 year gap, are the technologies available to them then and now along with their own expectations.  The youngest is already going to 'make-up' parties and at 6 I feel that is too young.  I do not want her to feel left out so I allow her to go and say yes to only lip gloss - I think eye shadow and blusher is a set too far.  Make-up is there though, a big part of many girls lives.  My eldest comes home with stories of girls who have caked on too much foundation and they look orange by the time they get to school!  She finds it vastly amusing.  She does wear make up but not as much as some.  At the age of 14, I think it is down to her to decide and start to make her own choices.  As yet, we have not experienced the orange affect!

The more and more that ages are lowered for when children are allowed certain milestones, the faster children grow up.  The expectation of events are lowered to satisfy either a child's 'want' or a parents need to make sure they, the child, is not missing out.  I like the children to be children.  There is a happy medium and I wouldn't want my children to be singled out for not having something but at the same time, I wouldn't buy them something merely because everyone else had it.  I know they are stronger mentally and know we don't say 'no' to things lightly.

Friday, 13 June 2014

When did google get so controlling?!

I have been away for a while, trying to set up a new  business etc etc, blah blah blah.  I log in today and come across google asking me to access 'everything in one place' So it is no longer going to so log in, but google itself.  I know they are trying to take over the world but this is a bit much!  Or is it......

It does mean I only need to log in once and float around doing everything in once place......It also means they are keeping tracks of everything now!  Then again, there is no real surprise there is there?  It is nice that they are been more obvious about it but deep down, we all knew the secret ;)