Monday, 16 June 2014


Everyone is different in looks, feeling and thoughts.  We accept that to be part of everyday life now.  People argue a lot mainly about subjects where 2 sides disagree about an issue.  These arguments can escalate and turn nasty if they are not dealt with early on.  If it does get out of control, take a step back and ask yourself, 'what are you actually arguing about?'.

You will, more often than not, come up with the notion that both sides have a different take or 'perception' on said issue.  Does this mean you should argue? Does it mean one side is right and the other wrong?  I do not think so.

Everyone perceives things in a different way.  Whether it be because one side has decided they are right and actually they do not like you or whether you have decided that this person annoys you on certain issues, these are all tantermount to your perception before the conversation starts.

We all have our own thoughts.  Its what makes us unique.  To accept and move on from someone's perception, knowing it is different can and will cause issues unles you just accept them for what they are - an opinion.  How do you rectify I hear you ask! It is simple.  You have to find a middle ground.  From there you can work on the issues.