Friday, 19 April 2013


Pensive is the mood for today, in fact it is the mood for the week.  I go through a number of emotions on a regular basis and sometimes, like today, I like to stop and take stock.  I don't start the day thinking 'I am going to think today' it just seems to happen.  

Pensive days are good and bad.  I seem to exercise more on a pensive day which is fab but then I cannot concentrate on new work as much.  On the flip side, I seem to be able to finish ongoing tasks easier.  Maybe it is my minds way of slowing me down, finishing jobs and then allowing me to move on, all fresh and without baggage?  Who knows.

I am deep in thought today and to be fair have not got much work done.  I decided to blog instead which I wish was my work!

Mood changes are an odd thing and coming from someone who has suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, I know that my mind is exercising its right to have a day off.  Over the past few months I have settled mentally.  Sure I still have bad days but I am in control more and I know the only way is forward.

Reading back this post, I doubt it will make sense to many! If it does ring true for you,  good luck with your journey.