Friday, 25 March 2011

Grommets and adenoids out!!!

My youngest has had breathing problems from birth and it was something that had got worse over time.  Her speech was a slow starter and so we were referred to a speech therapist and an ENT specialist.

The speech therapist was great, very happy with her.  After 2 sessions they discharged her and put the slow speech start, down to her ears.

In the meantime, we had been seeing an ENT specialist at Mayday. They did hearing tests on her, a CT scan, more hearing tests and a sleep study!  The hearing tests showed nothing wrong with the actual ear drum but a blockage behind the right ear, which meant glue ear.  The right side got so blocked that the left side started to fill up too.  The CT scan showed that the right ear's eustachian tube was totally blocked.  Glue ear is not always a problem as the ears can clear themselves in normal cases.  This was not that case for her.

After doing a sleep clinic at St Georges, and knowing that there was nothing seriously wrong, I thought they would leave it for now but they didn't.
In December 2010, the ENT consultant decided to operate on my little girl.  They had come to the conclusion the ears were not draining as the adenoids were over sized, thus stopping the air circulation and preventing them from draining.  Just over a week ago, she had the operation.  Yes people, 3 month wait and that was the NHS, I was most impressed!

After the operation, the surgeon told us the ears were really blocked and she would notice a change in her hearing, which she has.  The surgeon also told us the adenoids were very over sized and would have affected the way her skull had developed!!  This shocked my husband and myself as we had never been told anything like this before.  As she is only 3, it will all settle and as the oxygen gets to circulate, we should see a change in her facial features.  This could also explain why her soft spot did not close till she was 3......

Post op, she has been great.  No snoring, no runny noses, no coughs but still very loud!  I am pleased this was picked up early and dealt with.  If you think you have problems with your little ones, go and speak to your doctor.