Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tape Copy

Tape Copy is my new company.  A lot of people has asked me over the years, due to my background, can I copy this tape or put those pictures onto a CD for them or their relative etc.  I finally decided that actually I should set it up as a company.  Luckily, a close friend was also having the same idea.  We have gone into partnership together to offer these services to anyone who needs them.

The whole ethos of Tape Copy is to help everyone and anyone, get back old memories stuck on a tape somewhere in the loft or storage.  It may be their child's Baptism or a Wedding or even their parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, whatever it is, people should be able to watch those events again.  Over the years, as we all know, media has changed.  Those tapes people recorded onto are no longer supported by our DVD players so the memories are left in a box. 

Can you imagine your Mum/Dad/Grandparents face if you were to get those tapes copied so they could watch them again?  We had a recent client who did just that so her elderly Mother could watch the tapes in the Nursing Home for comfort.  What a lovely gesture?!

Tape Copy can transfer just about everything and the list I give you here is not exhaustive! If you cannot see your tape listed, just email us at bookings@tapecopy.co.uk and we will happily let you know if we can transfer the footage. 

Tape Copy can transfer, VHS, VHS-C, SVHS HI-8, Digital 8, DVD, BetaMax, Mini Dv and other camcorder tapes.  Plus, USB sticks, memory cards and other formats where you may have stored your pictures.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at www.tapecopy.co.uk or email bookings@tapecopy.co.uk or even telephone 0777 45 45 029.