Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Crazy little lady

My 3 year old has decided that now is a good time to be cheeky.  I have started to make notes to myself to remind me what not to fall for!  She seems to be able to talk herself out or into anything which is a worry at the tender age of 3.

She thinks that she 'needs' to climb across the back of the sofas and jump from the arms as it is the walk to the 'nursery' to pick up her dolly.  She 'needs' to take medicine spoons to give dolly her medicine then has to come back for a second and third as the others are dirty.  She has to wear her plastic princess heels around the house as she is off to work and that is what Mummy wears to work.

She looks at me with eyes that makes her seem older than her years sometimes as she negotiates things.  I told her we could go swimming after nursery but not to tell her older sibling.  Her response, 'Ok mummy, but she will see my wet hair so we will have to dry it.'  How can a 3 year have so much forward thought??!

Bedtimes are becoming a strain again.  She just walks straight back out of bed.  Last night, I said I was going downstairs and that was that.  She came down and stood in the hallway screaming for 15 minutes until I picked her and took her back upstairs.  Before you ask, I was unable to do it sooner as I was preparing dinner and every time her Dad went near her she screamed even louder. Once back in her room, she stops crying and starts talking;
'Mummy, can I just come downstairs for 2 minutes?'
'No, it is time for bed and I need to have dinner.'
'I will be very quiet and I could lay the table for you?'
'No it is fine, Daddy can lay the table, you just get some sleep.'
She looked at me and tried a different angle
'Mummy, I love you, can I have a cuddle?'  You cannot reject that can you?!
We have a cuddle and I start to leave the room,
'Mummy, can I come in your bed?'
'It is about time you started staying in your bed.'
'But when its morning, I need a cuddle so can I come and cuddle you?'
'Only if it is the morning, not too early.'
'Well, I can check at the window and if it is light, I will come and cuddle you.'
'Ok' I say and leave. 

As I walk down the stairs I realise that she has managed to talk her way into my bed again.  I was distracted by dinner cooking and just agreed.  True to her word, it was light outside when she came in our bed.  I am unsure of the time as I am so use to her climbing in our bed now.  That should not be the case and I wish I had the energy to take her back!!

Any thoughts or ideas how I can keep her in her bed, please let me know.

She may be a little crazy but she is a beautiful little girl.  Both my little ladies are and I am grateful for everyday I have with them.