Monday, 9 May 2011

House selling continues

We have decided to sell our house and make one final move.  The house went on the market about 4 weeks ago and the first buyer through the door, offered what we were looking for and it was all fine.  2 weeks down the line, they pulled out, citing the reason as they could not add much value to the house.  To me that is something they should have contemplated before they offered!  They wasted my time and their own.

So we went back on the market.  2 weeks later, 4 viewings and that's it!  I know the market is slow but is it really this slow?! The agent is surprised too, he cannot understand the lack of viewings across the board not just with me (I think that is suppose to make me feel better).

The house stays clean and my life continues to be in a weird limbo.  It is frustratingly boring selling a house.  You are putting your most valuable possession on show for others to wander around and decide if you have produced a good enough place for them to then invest their money in.  You can see it from both sides, the seller 'not much wrong with the house', the buyer, 'well I would change this and this and I cannot have a radiator under a window' yes someone really did use that as a reason!

It is an expensive decision and not one I would want anyone to take lightly.  I just hope someone decides to go ahead and offer again so that we can get this move moving.

I am sooooo impatient!