Monday, 14 February 2011

Mad little monkey

Mad little monkey is a great title for my 3 year old.  Amélie is so crazy it makes me laugh.  Her older sister was not as crazy and so I find myself going over the pregnancy to see if I did anything different.
I cannot find anything!  I had a few problems with Amélie and when she was born, she was in intensive care.  This was mainly because she came out faster than expected and I suffer from Group B Streptococcus which she caught from me.  I do not think this can be a reason for her madness though!

Last night was a prime example of what is happening.  She was put to bed at 8pm, had a story then lights out and I go downstairs.  I spent the next 2 hours finding her as she ran out of bed and hid upstairs!  We did have problems a few months back which meant she would not sleep unless I was there beside her.  I tried the control crying and the 'moving away in silence' as Supernanny says!  None of these things seem to help with her.  These latest night time moments are just so tiring and I cannot let it continue for as long as it did before!!

Where to go from here?  Well, I think it best that I keep putting her back.  She has to know where her bed is and that I will not give in first!  There is no point putting up a gate as she can open that now and no point taking things away as her response always is 'ok mummy, here take it' and she is not fussed!

I don't mind the madness during the day and try to let her in the garden as much as possible or do as much as I can with her but the night times are very very tiring!!

Any ideas or comments would be appreciated!!!