Thursday, 14 March 2013

Changes to childcare

Ramblings from a while back, but still relevant I think.....

The government have decided the best way to decrease the cost of childcare is to increase the child to carer ratio. This is suppose to mean, nurseries, child minders etc, can take on more children and pass on the reductions to parents. Who in their right mind actually thinks this is going to work??

Nurseries run as a business. It is not always about the children. Lets be honest, it's the owners who are usually quite comfortable when it comes to money. Their staff, on the other hand, are poorly paid. Some of them are there because they knew they wanted to work with children and it is that sense of vocation which brings in new staff.  Increase the ratios and it is the staff who suffer. The owners get paid more and I doubt many of them will pass this increase on to staff let alone parents.

I applaud the government for trying to address the subject but this is not the way. Taking away child benefit was not a great idea as people used that money for things like nursery fees. The child benefit is a totally different post that I really need to write.