Friday, 25 March 2011

Where did that week go?

I have just realised that it is Friday - great but I thought it was last Friday!  Where did that week go?!

I do wonder sometimes, if days roll into weeks, roll into months, roll into years etc (you get where I am going!) If I did not have a calender, I truly would get lost.  As I get older, no sorry, more mature I notice more and more things slide for me.  Dates are a must and I like to try and remember as many friends birthdays/anniversary's as possible.  Not so I can make them feel bad for forgetting mine, but just so they know I am thinking of them.  I try to make as many events nowadays mainly because I am trying not to let my anxiety attacks affect me but also because events are less and less annually so you have to use that time for yourself.

I think I have let too many friendships slide.  This is not from my side though as I do make the effort alot of the time.  Thing is, when it is always you who makes the effort, you get disheartened after time and wonder if the time and energy used for them could be better placed elsewhere.  Also, if you are the one usually doing the calling, do they actually want to talk to you?!  I have decided, again with maturity, that friendships are precious and are a 2 way street.  Of course I would never be rude to anyone, that is not my style, I will just be a little cautious.

Life needs to be embraced and the little things can slide as long as you are happy.  That, I think is the key.  If you have read to here, thank you for reading my ramblings!