Tuesday, 1 March 2011

When to know to give up?

Is there a simple answer to this one?  You start a task and it does not seem to be going your way, but when do you know when to give up?  Or do you not give?

This comes down to business for me.  I have been a freelance Marketing and Design consultant for a couple of years now but I am not going anywhere.  I have a few clients mostly from word of mouth so I decided to place an advert to get more.  Only locally, just to entice local businesses.  I have had one call and that was from the magazine who placed the advert which is great but the advert seems a little wasted!

Maybe its me, maybe I am not cut out for the work.  If I cannot generate more clients than maybe it is me and I should just stop trying to 'flog a dead horse' so to speak.

I love marketing and design, I really do.  I just wish I could do more of it.  So my question to you reading this, when do you know it is time to take stock and re-route your career?

I asked a friend this and she told me to look at what I really enjoy now in the present. Not what I loved in my previous 'proper' job, but now.  The answer would have to be writing and being a mummy.  The biggest fear then is, how do I make any money?! 

Maybe this comes down to me loosing interest in it or is that because work is slow?

I am confused and unsure.  Any ideas mostly appreciated!