Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Generated Opinions

Have you ever wondered what others think of you? Or do you not worry? I do. Not because I wonder how I come across but I wonder if I am ever misinterpreted.

Why should I worry or care? If I am happy with me, myself and I, then why should others opinions bother me? Mainly because people get it wrong. Someone's opinion of you as a person, I have decided, is not only based on how you act but also that persons insecurities. If they have barriers up and misconceptions about themselves then how they interpret your reactions will differ. You know this if you think about it. There are some friends you can tell anything to and know they will not take offence or judge you. Others, you know you have to tread on egg shells to ensure you don't say anything which they could deem 'offensive'.

Perception is a funny thing. How I perceive an incident to have happened compared to someone else, witnessing the same, can differ widely. I have sat trying to work this out for years. Only with maturity (age!) have I started to see it clearer. Everyone harbours their own opinions - rightly or wrongly - of people and how those people act. Some people are unable to see everything neutrally each time. They build up apprehension and tension so even the tiniest comment can make them over exaggerate comments.

It is a tricky situation. I do tread on egg shells especially with some people. Always with new acquaintances until I know how they are as a person. It has happened where loved ones have been misinterpreted but it isn't for me to comment on those situations. I do comment a little during those situations but then you also have to ask yourself, is there any point having 'that' conversation especially when you are aware of the other sides misguided opinions?