Thursday, 22 November 2012

I only want a front door!!

This post is as simple as the title.  I only want a front door!!!  As I have written about before, we bought a 1950's property that needed work about a year ago.  In that time we have transformed the inside and it is nearly a proper home.  Today I gave a deposit for the flooring and we hope to have some laid by Christmas.  We are rushing a little bit now because it is getting colder.  Without the floors covered, warm air is leaving the house faster than the radiators can pump it in.  The front door is another fly in the ointment. It is old and lets in a lot of cold air too.  I thought I would refurbish it and see if it helped.  I was sanding it back and on reaching the bottom panel, I discovered that it was rotten all the way through; so in-repairable.  This is a shame on 2 levels, one, because it is a lovely door and two, I now need to find the money for something else!

This task of door hunting is proving very difficult for a couple of reasons.  Our door is an odd size - or so I am told by the carpenter - it is a large door.  I do not want to reduce the door as that means messing with the frame and costing more.  I have looked on ebay, googled it and checked many other places and it seems that I need to spend a large amount, just on the door.  Plus those doors are unglazed and so glazing would be on top.  I have found some beautiful doors but they do not seem to come in the size I need.

After paying out for the flooring we do not have the funds at the moment to get a new door.  Plus some of the flooring cannot be laid until the door is done so it is a catch 22 situation.

Who would have thought that looking for a solid wood door with some glazing panels would be so difficult?

My plan is simple, I need to try harder to fix this.  If there are any door people out there who supply wood doors, please contact me.  On the same note, if anyone needs some odd jobs done that I can complete from home, let me know!  One way or the other, I want to try and get the front door sorted.

Thank you in advance.