Monday, 8 October 2012

Writers block

I had hoped to write an interesting blog post today.  It's a Monday morning and what a better day to start the week than to write?!  Wrong!!  I have writer's block.  I had loads of ideas but the morning has washed away with me so far.  I have been unable to concentrate on one thing for longer than 20 minutes (rushing this post!).

Last week was intense for me and maybe that is why I am a little numb today.  My youngest had a sickness bug that started Tuesday.  This continued until I too was visited by said bug on Thursday.  Knocked me out until Saturday lunchtime.  At this point, my youngest had started to eat more and I thought everyone else was clear.  Sunday lunchtime and my eldest succumbs to the illness too.  She is currently sat on the sofa watching everything and anything.  The complaints have started though - apparently, because we did not move Sky television with us to this house, there is nothing to watch on the TV. I am sure Freeview does in fact give her enough, but it is a delight to hear her complain, I know that means she is starting to feel like her old self again!

As I look out the window though, I wonder if this cold dreary day could have anything to do with my mood? Probably.  Last week, I had loads to do and it was halted due to illness and that is probably what has thrown me today.  I need to go back to my mind as it was last Monday and ask "what to do this week?".  Maybe once the back log is clear, then I can start this week properly!