Monday, 24 September 2012

It's been a while!

The summer holidays took over me and for a while, I have not had a chance to sit and think to myself.  My blog has been a ghost since July and in fact I has missed the writing. 

My youngest started school full time today which means, I have a full day- yes, a FULL day, to plough through things that take twice the time when you have to stop at 11am for nursery pick up.  I have drawn up a list and will start it later.  (Yes, later! I know it does not sound very productive but I am going to help someone with their computer, so in fact, that could be my good deed for the day!)

I know that, as I sit here, at the desk, if I were to turn around, the mess that would confront me is too much to worry about today.  Today is all about me and trying to get a few things into action.  The list looks a little like this:
1) Help a lady with her computer.
2) Blog (currently doing....)
3) Print off 2 novels that I started a few years back, read through them and decide if they are any good to continue and finish.
4) Remind myself of the short stories I wrote and if there is a market for them. (Research needed)
5) Finish an edit job - sister's wedding! Guilt here as the wedding was in April....
6) Web sites - sort, update, create etc.  This is a whole separate list itself!

I think that list will take longer than today but, I will endeavour to touch on everything.

Wish me luck!!