Thursday, 27 September 2012

First days at Primary School

My youngest is now nearing the end of her first full week at Primary School.  I am unsure what she has made of it due to the differing reports that come back from her.  I will paint you a picture......

First day, which was a half day, as we walked out of the school, I asked if she enjoyed herself and if she had made any friends - like you would as the expectant mum, making sure it's all alright, more for your own nerves rather than hers - I was met with a smile which changed to a frown.  Then she said "I did like it until we had to tidy up and I didn't like that bit.  So I don't want to go back tomorrow as I don't want to tidy up".  My first reaction was to laugh.  I let out a little giggle and stifled it upon seeing her face.  She was serious.  Oh dear... I explained that there was no choice and she would have to return and learn to enjoy tidying up.  Incidentally, her nursery always commented to me how helpful she was at tidy up time and I had arrived early sometimes to see her sweeping the floor; so I know she does tidy!

After her first full day at school, I knew she would be tired.  As we left, I asked about her day as I do everyday and was met with this reply "Now I have done the afternoon, I don't think I need to do it again so I will stick with mornings".  I had to laugh at this one!  This tiny blonde little monkey was actually trying to negotiate something where there was nothing to negotiate!!  Here started a conversation about how school worked, the fact that you stay all day and there really is no choice.

Yesterday was better and she seems to be settling.  She loves the fact that they now give her stickers or hand stamps for tidying up or good work.  She has come home with the stamp on her face also, where she had been so happy to receive it, she had kissed her hand and in the process, also stamped her face.

Starting school is hard on the parents and the child.  The child has to adjust to new settings, new friends to make and new teachers to listen to.  Parents have to realise that their little people are starting properly on the growing up process and during their school years, they learn the most both academically and emotionally.  That is the scary part; emotions and letting go - just a little, mind you, she is only 4!