Tuesday, 11 October 2011

House move continued.......

We eventually exchanged on our house sale - good times.  Only thing to do now is exchange on the purchase.  Due to the lack of finding a house we had to exchange on the sale so as not to lose a buyer.  When we had decided to do that, we found a house.  There is some saying or other that goes with that I am sure.

I am trying my hardest to get the two to tally near enough together, searches went in and came back quickly; enquiries nearly all back but then the bank started changing their mind on the amount they would lend.  Once they decided that 'maybe' they would still lend the same, our survey threw up asbestos. Oh joy!  Having an asbestos survey done this week to figure out the damage then we can barter some money off to cover it or if we can do it ourself, we can just go ahead.  Only thing I am worried about now is getting the mortgage offer.  It did not come in today's post but hopefully it will be tomorrow.  I hate the waiting because until it comes, I have no idea what they will lend us!

Moving is stressful but at the same time, very enjoyable.  I cannot wait to start renovations on the new place.  Did I not mention that bit?  The place is a bit of a mess so needs a complete over haul.  This part is very exciting.  Any ideas on getting cheap bathrooms, kitchens, paint, door frames or stairs, please let me know!  Or if you run a company and want some free publicity in return for giving us something, email me and we can try and sort something out.