Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pre-school and Secondary school!

My youngest has now started pre-school and the eldest has begun her journey at secondary school.  It seems I do not react to these things like other mothers.  When you tell people they are starting or when you take them for the first time, people always question you to see if you cried but I didn't with either.  In fact I didn't cry when the eldest started primary school.  I have always thought this harsh of me but now I see why. 

When I use to leave them at nursery and they cried, that upset me and I would have to leave quickly so that they would not see me cry.  That is because they did not necessarily need to go to nursery that was my choice and in a way I suppose it made me feel worse when I saw their tears.  Those tears always turned to smiles after a few weeks and so I knew it was actually good for them to be there.

School, on the other hand, is different.  It is compulsory and we have no choice so I have not felt the same emotions.  I see them taking their next steps in life and I feel happy for them - nervous yes but nevertheless, happy.  These are the building blocks of their future and if I get 'flappy' and teary, they will too.  I want them to enjoy their time at these places, learn new skills socially and educationally and ultimately to grow up well rounded and happy.  Some people cannot help it and they shed a tear which is fine and their way to express the emotion on such a big day but for me, it doesn't seem to happen.  Am I the only one???......