Friday, 2 September 2011

Crazy daughter!

I am not sure if it is her age or is I have just been too soft but my 3 year old is basically going crazy!  She is so stubborn, she makes me look good.  She seems to have more energy than any child I know.  If she is kept indoors for more than a few hours, then she builds up energy and spends her time running, climbing, screaming and making a general mess.

I realised a while back that I cannot get anything completed while she is up.  I try ironing and she thinks the board is either a slide or a house. I try to tidy and she removes everything as I put it away.  She makes me laugh a lot as she has crazy faces that make you chuckle.  She is currently running around the dining room table while listening to music - her idea of dancing apparently!

The tantrums are the worst though.  We have a 'naughty step' which after a year, still takes a minimum of half an hour for her to stay on! We have had to deal with her hitting as she can actually hurt her sister especially when she throws toys at her......  We have all her confiscated toys on tops of cupboards and the fridge so she can see what she has lost.  My older daughter was never as naughty and cheeky as Junior.  Maybe it is me and I am doing something differently with the younger one.  Whatever it is, it needs to change.

I think time has called for a new action plan.  She is nearly 4 (in December) so I think she would benefit from an actual chart, one she can see, to curb the behaviour.  I have to stamp it out now or it will just get worse!  Any ideas greatly received.