Tuesday, 14 June 2011

CV, CV, CV.....

I have been freelancing for a while now and even though I love what I do, sometimes it is not enough.  I do not always find the time to generate more business while working on a couple of projects at once, so I get a lull in work - not good.

Best thing I could do, I thought, is to refresh my CV and try and get some regular part time, home based Marketing/PR work.  I found my CV buried in my Word documents, it had not been aired for about a year! I started to read through it to work out what to add and delete so as to show me in the best light.  I have always thought I have not done much with my career.  I had a daughter before starting a career then changed industries before settling in marketing.  I then had another baby and could not afford to go back to the role I loved due to childcare costs.  My employer tried to help and offered a pay increase but it still did not help and to be fair, it was an educational establishment so there is not always tons of money flying around. Daughter number 2 is now at nursery so I have more time to work, hence dusting off the CV.

I read through it and I have a lot of marketing experience!  I was quite surprised as I reminded myself of everything I had done.  There was me thinking I had not done much and been wasting previous years, but I was mistaken.  I have kept it up to date annually and that really helps you to make sure nothing is missed out.  A few years down the line from a previous role, you forget all the tasks you took on so it is important to keep on top of your own CV.  The morale of the story is, do not always assume you are a failure.  Read through your CV and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you have achieved!