Friday, 10 June 2011

Charities and door to door knocking

I support charities in any way that I can but you cannot support them all.  Individuals usually choose them based on personal experiences and this is great because you will probably go that extra mile as you have a vested interest.

What really gets me going is the charities that knock on my door.  Our road is quite a straight and long one so it is easy pickings for people and we get all sorts knocking.  I try not to open the door but when it is a charity I feel obliged....... A certain charity knocked last night (no names as they do do a good job!) and the representative assured me he was not selling anything then started telling me all about the charity and the great work they do. His closing line was 'We only need £3 a week and I know you think we do a great job so you will happily contribute.'  I stood there a few moments and replies simply with a 'No I can't'.  He looked shocked and did try and question me but I did not feel I needed to justify myself to him.

My problem is with his sales patter and yes it is a sales patter hence why I think it wrong of them to say they are not selling anything.  He wanted me to pay them money to fund various things they do.  So I would be paying towards helping so in affect he was selling me something.  If I am paying for something, he is selling it.

I had another lady come from an animal charity - not one I had heard of - and tried to show my children horrific pictures of injured pets so that I would pay £10 a month to help them.  I didn't and my children were in a terrible mood all evening.  That is so wrong to show children those pictures, I would not want anyone to see them let alone my girls.  Once she started shoving the images in their faces, I stood in front of them and sent them away.

Charities do not get enough funds as it is and so many do a great job.  I would never want to knock the great work that any of them do.  I do object to using my children as some sort of 'pull' to get me to pay up and I also object to being made to feel guilty if I do not pay up.  Charities are a personal choice and one that we can all pick and choose ourselves.  I cannot afford to do them all!!