Friday, 15 April 2011

Moving house.....

It is done!  We have gone on the market with a local agent. The nicer one of the 3.  He has been really quick with pictures and details and his staff have been very helpful.  I hope this continues.

Just to note, the arrogant man has not replied to my email explaining we were going elsewhere.  I was not rude, I was to the point. I explained, the agent selected offered more or less the same but with a better fee.  Which is actually true.  I left out the parts of him being arrogant and a bit of a twit as I felt that could be unfair.  Plus, they may have a house I want to buy!

My house is currently spotless. How long I can keep it up for, I don't know!  2 girls on Easter holidays....... not sure this was a great idea now!!