Tuesday, 26 April 2011


That Easter break seemed to be over way too quick! The girls broke up from school and then went back.  There didn't seem like a break inbetween.  I suppose that means we had a lovely break?  It was very busy.
I like to use the Easter break to see family and friends.  That is what it is all about really; along with the religious side obviously.  Family are important.  One of my siblings lives in Chicago which is not great as we do not get to see them as much,  maybe twice a year. On the other hand, what a life he is having! He loves it and so does his wife so you cannot knock that.  I saw my other siblings though, which was lovely.  My parents spent the Easter break delivering Easter Eggs to Lourdes - what a lovely thing to do?! They drive a truck load down and stay for the Easter period before driving it back.  I respect them for that.  They don't have to but they want to.  Nice to see people still giving in a climate when people need to look after themselves and their family.

Next, summer holidays.  Now that is a long break.  I had better get some real work done done so we have some money for our holiday!